Equinor Technology Day

#GripOffshore was yesterday participating at a great hashtag#Equinor Technology Day. With us, we brought hashtag#PaleBlue, a renowned VR company. Together we premiered a new and innovative way of how all-electric remotely operated subsea operations might look like in the future. The era of digitalization, Internet of things, and virtual reality is still young in the subsea industry. Teaming up with hashtag#PaleBlue ensures that we jointly are better suited for the future.

Subsea Drones

It’s Only Just the Start for Subsea Drones

We are proud to have been part of the UID Technology Days that took place last week at Tau, Norway. An excellent opportunity for Equinor selected companies within subsea robotics to mingle. A loud high-five to everyone that visited our stand! Please be sure that our passion and dedication is to solve your hydraulic manipulator challenges. Grip Offshore – safe, reliable, and cost-efficient subsea manipulation by electric and module based robotics. It is only just the start – yes, indeed!

Vi skal ikke bare finne de grønnere løsningene, men også de riktige

Bjarte Nedrehagen tror fremtidens jobb på havdypet kan gjøres mer effektivt og elektrisk. Gründeren har truffet en nerve i offshore-bransjen med en elektrisk robotarm for subsea-operasjoner

Aiming at the stars

We are aiming at the stars!

A warm welcome to our Financial Manager – Charlotte Isabell Langeland. Grip Offshores partnership strategy requires a sound, solid and firm financial overview. This is what we have found with Charlotte and Sum Regnskap. It is only the beginning – We are excited to have her on board!

Equinor Technology

Equinor Technology Venture enters into a LOOP agreement with Grip Offshore AS

The project will mature and develop an electric manipulator (arm) to be used on a Work class Remotely Operated Vehicle (WROV). There is identified a first user, and the manipulator will be tested out at a field at the NCS